Thanks for dropping by to BuildToLose.com which basically stands for, “Build Muscle to Lose Fat” or “Build Muscle to Lose Weight”.

A Little Back Story

Many years ago, when I was finishing up at high school and about to go to university, I possessed a body to die for. Seriously.  Whether it was because of genes, good luck, a freak act of nature or because I used to dabble in a bit of martial arts, I may never know.  I used to eat a lot, read everything I could about human physiology, psychology and spent a lot of time working out.  Guess I have always had a passion for health and fitness.

Then along the way, I met the woman of my dreams, got married and have children.  We grow older together but there was always that nagging feeling that somehow, something was still missing.  I miss my workouts and my body was starting to give me a bit of trouble (for not keeping up my fitness).

Seeing several of my close older relatives, people whom I truly love, suffer from medical conditions brought about by old age and sedentary lifestyles, have somehow forced me to start taking good care of my own health again.

As a result, I have now found a greater cause that I care about deeply, and that is to help people feel better about themselves.  Regardless of where you are with your health, your age, your background – anyone with the the right attitude and who are willing to do whatever it takes, can be helped.  Regardless of whether you are obese, inactive or suffering from some medical conditions, there is always a way forward.

I created this website primarily to help people transform their bodies into something much more beautiful than even they, could ever imagine.

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My Vision for my website “Build Muscle Lose Fat”

I have always believed in going after your dreams and goals – whatever they may be.  A goal needs to be big enough, that it requires a decent amount of effort, commitment and sacrifice, to get it done.  Anything less will not move you to achieve your goal(s).

Losing weight will require an enormous level of commitment from you, to achieve it.  That may sound difficult but that goal is within your reach.  It is within anyone’s reach.

Sometimes I tend to be a little naive and simplistic with my outlook but I also accept that things are not always as easy as they seem.  As a result, I have had to readjust and reevaluate my position on a lot of things, including my personal development goals.

There is a reason why so many people find it extremely difficult to achieve their weight loss or fat loss goals.

From what I have experienced and learned over the past several decades, I truly believe that I can help people change their lives for the better.  Being overweight and on the heavier side of the scale does play havoc with our minds – it hits our deepest feelings and thoughts; it plays with our confidence and can completely destroy our sense of identity and self-esteem.

When someone loses weight and has a transformed physical appearance, not only will they start behaving positively again but the impact on their entire lives will be profound.

I have actually seen several friends being transformed into confident outgoing people, in a matter of days and weeks, simply because they became fitter and lost a lot of weight.  People who used to be timid, reserved and shy becoming an exact opposite to their former selves.

The biggest advantage of my method of losing weight is that it is easy, okay not that easy… ;-), nothing is ever easy but as you will come to know – the philosophy behind our training methods is simplicity backed by well proven techniques and practices.

These techniques, widely practised by millions around the world, are not new nor are they the latest trends – they are very simple to understand by anyone regardless of social, economic or education background.

What we do offer though, in addition to our advice, is our encouragement and support to see you transformed into your new healthier body.

As we have mentioned somewhere on this website, we will also get paid a small percentage (commission) of anything we sell here but that is a bonus of the services we provide.  If you are helped by our advice or any of the programs we recommend and created here, please come back and send us some feedback.  It does help us to know we are on the right track.

To conclude, BuildToLose is setup to help you transform your physical appearance by getting rid of excess weight and fat.  We recognize that this is a major problem as it stops people from living happy fruitful lives.

Thankfully, there is a solution to all your problems and the solution is definitely within your reach.  Thanks again, hope you find our website useful in some way.

Kind Regards,